Dear Those Who Doubted Me:

Please go ahead and read THIS.

After you’re done choking in disbelief, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for all those years that y’all just shook your head and said, “Oh that silly damn hannie…” Sometimes, with the help of some incredible friends and the combined teamwork of a whole lotta incredible people, the silliness does help. It helps get your message out there and it tells people that they DO have a choice and there ARE people who care and people who want to represent you and make a difference and be available for you. Like Jason Ritchie.

And hey, what the heck is this Flip A District stuff anyways? Imagine Bill Maher coming to Washington state and sending Dave Reichert packing. Imagine that. It’s a beautiful thought isn’t it? Thanks to all of you, this could very well happen. YAY!

(Also, hey Bill Maher, if I have caught your attention and you do show up here in Washington state, I will personally catch a ferry and we shall have hamburgers at Dick’s.)

Leave It To Me.

So this morning, I found that the Kitsap Report had published a false report (their entire site is purported satirical content) of John Curley passing away.

The story at first caught me too. I was ready to cry. I mean, I’m already sick as hell and scared to death and you know what, I don’t need any more negative than what I can throw on the pile myself. After reading the story and getting darn near ready to grab a few boxes of tissues, I realized it was Kitsap Report and was like hey, that’s it. I am tired of people calling me, emailing me, sending me texts of fear and crap over stuff that simply isn’t true courtesy of the Kitsap Report. Granted, I still jump over stuff like everyone else does. I have to look at the masthead of the site to catch my breath and yell “asshole” in the general direction of Kitsap Report guy.

But when does satire take an ugly turn and become something that just isn’t funny to most of your readership? What makes that determination and by saying “hey, I don’t like this” is that censorship and a violation of first amendment rights? I’ve often wondered that and in my long years online and writing absolute trash and learning as I go, I’m still not sure what constitutes “really bad satire that needs a ‘cease and desist’ email”? Leave your comments here if you want. The discussion on my facebook is getting rather long and I’d rather waste amounts of my own space on this conversation. Thanks. I love all of you that participated today in our conversation and thank you all for your comments and helping me learn a few things today.

Lunch with Bill

The other day I was deep in work and I finished up early. I perused the Spacebook and found this great ad from Bill’s Great Hot Dog Stand.


I was naturally drawn in by Bill’s ad because usually one can find him down at the Port Orchard Foot Ferry. On this particular day Bill had his cart at the Manchester boat launch and park. So I visited.


I ordered a regular hot dog and a Thai spring roll which was homemade by Bill’s wife. Other menu items include a corn dog, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, polish sausage and all the condiments you may want.


Maybe you’ve seen Bill downtown and thought you didn’t have time to stop. Bill takes text orders and also accepts email orders.


By the way, the buns come from Cafe Gabrielle in Port Orchard. To learn more about Bill’s Great Hotdog Stand, visit

Throwback Thursday


Hi. My name is Johanna. A long time ago I was a scared little girl. I’ve been in this seat many a time, but perhaps the one time I was scared the most was being picked up and moved to a home different than what I was used to. I had to make choices, choices that I don’t believe normal children with normal childhoods should ever have to make. But I made them. I felt so lost, so alone, so unsure of myself as I stood in front of the judge and had to explain to them why I needed to do what I did. I felt like I was a failure. A child failure. I was so scared. I didn’t know what was going to come of this decision. I prayed it was a good decision, but I wouldn’t know until later on in life on that.

Ever step out on a ledge, all by yourself and you pray that there is someone who cares and that the someone who does care won’t let you fall and hurt yourself? There were times where I couldn’t see those around me who wanted to help and wanted to see me succeed. It’s scary. The unknown is so scary.

Fast forward to today. I have always maintained that I am not a victim. I am a survivor and no, no you cannot take that from me. Yes, admittedly, I almost allowed someone to take that from me. I almost walked from a place and from something I am very passionate about.

The tears streamed down my face as I returned home. I wish I could have perhaps framed my argument better, but you know, I’m passionate about my causes and I don’t always come off polished and professional. Sure, perhaps there is the point in saying “Hey, unless you have walked a mile in my shoes, perhaps you shouldn’t bitch” I will admit this. But on the other hand, unless you have been a mile in my shoes and walked the miles I’ve walked, oh yeah. Who cares about that? I am just the girl in the corner.

Filing Week: day one


Tomorrow is the start of filing week and well, I’m excited. The picture above? Please allow me to explain.

One night I was taping stuff and a fellow democrat got up to speak. I forgot how much presence he had and how much passion he can bring to the table in speaking to any subject. I loved what he had to say but I got an epic asthma attack mid-speech. I’m not deliberately baiting folks here. I really have asthma. I coughed for approximately 3 mins of said video and our speaker, my fellow democrat, didn’t flinch or miss a beat. I aspire to be THAT good.

With that, it’s hours to the beginning of filing week. Hey candidate! Up to now it’s been real and it’s been fun but your audience shifts today. It’s one thing to be speaking to family, friends and colleagues but I need to tell you. Instead of your audience being 100 percent THAT, it’s now dropped to 50-60 percent.

So you wanna be a candidate eh? I admire your courage and conviction I do. However, don’t screech at your audience. Ask yourself “why are they interested in what I’m saying?” Oh, and good luck y’all. See you on the ballot!!