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One night I sat here and I was listening to music and doing normal things that one does in the middle of the night when they are unable to sleep due to pain. For me that consists mainly of reading or writing. Admittedly it’s been more reading rather than writing. Of course that saddened me thinking that I had just allowed my voice in my space to lapse. Had I lost my voice altogether? Had I lost vision of what I really wanted my goals to be? I believe they did. I believe I lost sight of what kind of person I was and what kind of person I wanted to be. If I left this existence tomorrow, I’d want you to be able to at the very least laugh over our time spent together.

I feel so conflicted anymore. I open my eyes and I feel as if I’m turning into everything I never wanted to be. I feel like perhaps, the person I am most failing on that level is me. I’m quite certain I will shake this and move right past it. For see, the rest of the story is…is that I’m a survivor.

Please don’t get upset. This wasn’t meant to be a pitiful and depressing anecdote about my world. I’m sort of excited about the chance to come back and start fresh and get the discussion rolling. It’s been years since I’ve rolled back my work and started over again. For me to see a blank slate in front of me to not really recreate, but rather to create anew. I’m excited about the possibilities and aren’t you too? Keep checking here, I hope to be regularly writing and covering things that matter. And thank you, thank you for being there.

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