Breakfast With Hannie


This morning I decided to try the new waffle taco at Taco Bell.


Here is the hashbrown. This might be better if it was warmer but yeah.


Between you me, I can imagine mornings without this. Make it stop.


OOOH, wonder what’s in here? I can hardly wait for this.


I need to tell you. I was expecting the waffle to have a hint more sweetness to it. I like how the eggs and bacon and cheese are done here but again, lack of flavor going on. I suppose that’s why they include syrup with this meal.


You know, I think the syrup was the best part of this meal. It was in a small enough container so I could enjoy a bit of it without getting sick. The waffle taco, as a whole was just sorta lifeless, lackluster, bland. The syrup helped it regain a pulse as far as flavor went, but that’s it. I need a soft taco supreme in a couple hours to recover from this. Good thing we have a brand new Taco Bell on Mile Hill here in Port Orchard. I am saved.

(Per FTC rules, no one compensated me to either eat or write this review. This was all funded and done on my own. –hannie)

In Bremerton? You Can Help Here!

On Thursday April 3, 2014, Boston’s Deli and Pizza will be donating all their sales for the day to relief efforts for the city of Oso, Washington. The city of Oso, located in Snohomish county, recently experienced a catastrophic landslide.


Don Stauff, owner of Boston’s Deli and Pizza, explained that he wanted to assist with this cause as he has done in other occasions. Recently being awarded with Citizen of the Year by the City of Bremerton, Stauff has supported many causes and raised money many times. “We do as much as we can when we can,” Stauff mentioned.

When asked what his favorite menu item was, without hesitation Stauff said the calzone adding “It’s the best you will find anywhere!”

Hours for Boston’s Deli and Pizza are from 11 AM to 8 PM. Located at 206 Burwell Street in Bremerton, they can be reached at (360) 377-3595.

Saturday Morning

I promised myself that I’d get to bed hours ago I always say this but there was stuff I wanted to get done. I got them done and not quite to my satisfaction but you know what, I’ve accomplished something. I’m testing out some settings through my blog as they’ve been incorrect for quite some time. I got around to correcting them. I know. Yes, I know.

Anyways, good night to y’all and I’m gonna go work on some organizational stuff (I’m still so obviously disorganized). Have you registered to vote yet? Lemme tell ya, you need to get on that. Did you think last year’s election season was a bit crazy? I’m here to tell you that guess what, this year may be a bit more crazy. Don’t complain about the crazy, get out and vote and put the crazy to a dead halt. Thanks.

If I Could Keynote It…I’d Probably Share This.

I have this friend who is absolutely sick of public speaking any more. I don’t blame them really, but if I could take their place and really make a statement, I’d say something like this.

My children are the greatest gifts ever given to me. They’re my children and one of the best things about either of my children is that sometimes they have a better view of things than I do. They have no problem sharing that idea with me either.

One of the greatest lessons taught me by my son Andrew in the arena of politics took place maybe 7-8 years ago. He arrived home and stomped in the door insisting we had to talk right away. He had caught an outright lie in a campaign and he wanted to go meet with this candidate right away and tell them they are WRONG. I ask for the “supporting proof” on this claim and he tossed me a copy of the Kitsap Sun. I find article in question and start reading.

Perhaps a couple of paragraphs in, I see what my son is referring to. I don’t have any good positive way to explain why or how this event took place. I don’t even have an idea as to if the candidate in question was going to recover from the blatant lies. My son’s staring me down. I know he wants an answer. I think carefully because I want this to be a positive learning experience for him.

I skim the article one more time and I’m just floored that this person would say such things without fact checking themselves. Then I remembered that elected officials are just as human as you and me. They’re gonna make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Gosh, what was I going to say?

I decide to start with the nice happy “we’re all human and we’re not infallible” answer. I finished with words to the effect of “well, when we are more concerned with making a statement as opposed to checking the validity of our statement, nono wait. When we vote based on statements instead of facts, that’s where we end up hurting ourselves in the end.”

I was reminded of this conversation the other night listening to presentations. I thought about Drew and I thought about the sorts of things he’d say if he was standing right next to me. I smiled.

This year, I’m going to remind you that your vote is your voice. You may not quite see it that way, but when you educate yourself about the candidates and the issues, and that education is put to use when checking ballot boxes, you are helping to shape and form our future. For our children. For generations to come. Have you registered to vote yet? Please make that commitment to register and to vote this year. Every year. Because your opinion matters, even if you don’t think it does.

(Oh I would need a few rewrites, but this is generally what I’d be discussing..)

Guess what?

I wanted to tell you the following things…

1- how Jan Angel has disappointed me (year 2014 version)

2- part two of the Jesse Young story

3-my child is growing up & doing great things and meh, politics. Let’s talk about my child. Heck, let’s talk about my children.

4-I’m busy. But at this point I am busy so I don’t think about the things that depress me. That pile is larger than normal.

But in super important news you need to hear right now, well Continue reading →

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