Sign Of The Times

Courtesy of Suzanna Williams

We’ve got tons of people with anger management issues and sometimes, I think it’s rightfully so. People are feeling that they’re not being properly represented. Maybe they feel that their legislators aren’t listening to them. Maybe the media is putting out some incorrect information on things to fuel the fire. I actually heard a really good discussion about this fact not too long ago on CNN. The media was being blamed for shifting the real views of any issue. It was cool.

I know you’re saying to yourself, hey, that sign you cite up there Miss Hannie is absolutely true. But you know, my voice doesn’t count. WRONG.

Your voice does count. It counts when you register to vote, learn about the candidates up for office on your ballot and then actually vote come what, August and November. I know, you want to argue and say well hey, I-960 got suspended and aren’t initiatives placed and voted on by the people for the people? They are. You’re absolutely correct on that. This whole argument needs its own blog entry so I apologize for not giving you more on that.

What I will give you is this. 2010 is an important election year. Sure any year election wise is important, but this year is especially important because we have so much on our plates as not only Washingtonians but as Americans as well. If you have not registered to vote and you live in the state of Washington, please go right here and get it done.

I’ve had discussion with a former Kitsap democrat who insisted I never speak of this because voters are just stupid. They don’t look or read about candidates but rather do this random guess thing across their ballot and shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Sorry, I also think this guy sucks and I’m glad he’s no longer in Kitsap County. He’s totally rocking the word “detrimental”. Anyways, using what he’s said, does anyone feel a bit of anger? I know I do and I’m supposed to be on the same team as this guy.

I’d give you a list of people I love, but I don’t get to vote on that list or see that list happen until we as Washington State Democrats have our nominating convention. I know, sounds like a boring afternoon with a bunch of whiny stuffed shirts and bad hors d’oeuvres but it’s not. It’s actually quite educational. I’ll put it on my top ten of educational along with watching ballots be counted at the Kitsap County Auditor’s office. Why does this stuff thrill me to no end? I don’t know, but it’s great to see how things happen or rather the process of it happening here. It’s great that I’ve been given the opportunity to see these things happen and hopefully in telling you about it you want to register and actually vote.

For the love of your deity, please prove Mr Angry guy cited above wrong. Start learning about those candidates and believe me, I’m going to start learning about those candidates (even the ones I don’t know right off hand) and tell you all about them. I have a cold I need to get past and some of these candidates may need to get past my blue hair moment either that or laugh hysterically about itbut we’re going to talk to these people who want to represent you. We’re going to find out what they’re about and what they’ve been up to. It’s 2010 and let’s make this happen!