weekend update

This last weekend’s been sorta busy, I guess. Saturday I attended the SK Class of 1985 reunion. That was pretty fun as I did see a couple people I used to swim with and then people who well, knew me because of my boyfriend. I know, imagine me going somewhere where people know me because of someone else, not on my own merit. Have no fear.

The next day, he asks what’s going on around Kitsap County. Well, there’s the Great Peninsula Future Festival. I’ve always wanted to go because the whole idea is cool to me, learning about being energy efficient and more conscious of the world around you. I’ve just never been able to attend. I wish I had more time to enjoy it, because I would have loved nothing more than to run rampant through the fair registering people to vote. I might just have to do that for this year’s Kitsap County fair. I love talking to voters because this is an important election year. Oh yea, what was I saying?

Of course, I see the usual people which included the Kitsap County Democratic Central Committee and the Kitsap County Democratic Women. disgusting how incredibly biased I am here, isn’t it? It was so great to see them, I even took pictures.

Kitsap County Democrats booth

Kitsap County Democratic Women

I think one of the best parts of the fair was a roundtable of how Kitsap is becoming more green and utilizing different things to make us as a county cleaner. Got pictures of that too.

green energy now!

You’re saying, who are these people and what would they know? The three I knew up there were Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido, state representative Larry Seaquist and state senator Phil Rockefeller. Larry discussed how the Retsil Veterans home was utilizing new green technology which I thought was pretty cool. I just showed up, in fact I didn’t really want to write about anything yet so I wasn’t taking notes here either.

I know, you’re saying to yourself “Oh geez Johanna, no wonder your boyfriend was bored. I’d be bored too.” Not so. I found lots of great arts and crafts I would have LOVED to have taken home with me. I took a couple more fun pictures. Here we go.

cool truck!

This last picture I took in honor of Jay Inslee. You should read more about how truly committed he is to the Puget Sound and the environment.

fish for all in Washington state