Weekend at Cama

A few weekends back or so, I had the opportunity to spend a week at Cama Beach State Park and it was tons of fun. See, here’s a picture of me after surviving a walk to the Cama Center.


One of the coolest parts of staying at Cama Beach was to meet Laurie Wheeler, who is the fearless leader of the Crochet Liberation Front. Wheeler is also the creative force behind Hookey which is a cool site to interact with other crochet fans.

Wait a second here, why would I be so interested in crochet in the first place? When I was younger I learned crochet while being stuck in the snow and nowhere to go. The hobby has stuck with me ever since and although I’m not the best, it’s very relaxing to me and I aspire to learn more stitches than say single and double crochet.

I’ve been to Cama Beach before for the quilt show but staying for an entire weekend, plus meeting Laurie and getting to hear about all sorts of things Camano Island…was great. Going camping like I do, I have all sorts of appreciation for those who are the keepers of our parks. I hope that we can find enough money to keep that momentum going and keep our parks open for all to enjoy, really.

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