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as we celebrate the magic turning of hannie’s musings over to the numeral of 10. When I first started long long ago, I thought I would just keep the same number. Then I thought I’d change it any old time I did some updating and maintenance. I figured that people would figure out how behind the times I was, so I opted to just change the version whenever I felt like it. Long story short, there’s no real rhyme or reason to my numerical system in the title of my blog. Ten however is a pretty good number, so celebrate with us as we’ve reached a milestone in the hannie world.

I hope that you enjoy the new looks and prettiness of the hannie blog. As always, please drop comment below if something doesn’t work. Thanks to Mom, you can now comment again. She called me yesterday to tell me I had a messed up design and so I fixed it. Sorry Mom, I’m keeping the math spam thingie. I sort of call it my homage to the old joke of “you know, so and so took the sk math course so that’s why I got the wrong amount of change in my hand.” And yes, everyone, Mom DOES read my blog. I even let WordPress know this when getting my account fixed this morning. All things go, we’re green light go here, and please enjoy. Real stories to come this year. Thanks for reading and as always, if you’re not registered to vote for this upcoming election, you can do so right here.