I Gotta Wear Shades

Yesterday I was greeted at the Doctor’s Clinic in Everett with this fine piece of journalistic effort. You know, I need to wear shades everywhere I go in this county anymore because of the dire embarrassment factor going on. Perhaps I could click my heels three times and return to Kitsap County. No wait, they have their share of “faux pas” going on already.

In short, Byron Scherf who was the prisoner who confessed to the murder of a correctional officer in Monroe now states he won’t cooperate with the prosecutor’s office unless he has snacks. Does this whole story sound familiar to you? Of course it does. Just a few months back we were going through the trial of two people who had murdered three people and they too complained about snacks. Seriously. It’s starting to sound like the Snohomish County Jail has turned into the La Quinta Inn. Lemme go grab those shades and put them on right now.

In other news, the Aaron Reardon investigation has been turned over to the Island County prosecutor. The investigation was given to Island County due to conflict of interest here in Snohomish County. Reardon, as you recall, is our own very version of John Edwards except that he doesn’t have a love child we’re aware of.

I simply must go put my shades on. I must.