The Friday Roundup

Earlier this week, I had asked Darcy Burner about the possibility of running for the “caretaker seat” in the first legislative district. Of course she’s not going to readily answer me, no thanks to Dwight Pelz and his decision to try a fireside chat with the slew of democrat candidates that didn’t work. Then for added effect we have the wicked backlash of sour grapes on the whole thing. I’m almost ashamed to say that I’m a democrat because it truly looks like we can’t get our crap together, which is furthest from the truth people.

The point of all this blather? Oh yes, Burner is running and she’s gained all sorts of bonus points for standing up to Pelz on it. Don’t get me wrong. I love Pelz my own self but often we agree to disagree. I think it’s all part of being that melting pot called the Washington State Democrats.

In just as exciting news, I received an email in the inbox stating I had won my precinct committee officer election because no one contested me. I’m going to quote my email because I’m so excited.

The office you filed for will not appear on Snohomish County’s August 7, 2012 Primary ballot.  You are considered elected to the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) position as a result of being the only person to file for the position for your party in your precinct.

It’s so much nicer than this story isn’t it? A fairly easy process to use my voice has arrived in Washington state and I don’t have to threaten to kick some Pelz butt anymore.