Saturday Voter Registration

This weekend here in our town of Everett we’re having voter registration hosted by Organizing For America–Washington state. It’s alternately known as “Obama For America” too, but I really prefer saying “Organizing For America”.

I had a great discussion with the person who was registering people to vote. There’s no issue, no agenda, we’d just like to give you the opportunity to vote and make a difference in the shape and future of our country.

Tomorrow, Sunday May 20, 2012, you can register to vote in Everett at Albertsons. The Albertsons location is 520 128th Street and the time is between 10 AM to 4 PM. Please drop by if you can.

If you’re unable to stop by, don’t fret as you can also register to vote online. Once you’ve registered to vote, please remember that your voice counts and we need to hear from you. So please register to vote and pretty please remember to vote.