Laziest Blogger You Know

Hi. Yes, I know, I seem to fail on this political blogger thing. Everyone has a blog anymore and why fore should you care what it is I might have to say? In fact, some of the vacation was nice, to be honest with you. Then I allowed it to slip that I am proficient in what I do and BLAM, I’m actually sort of busy. Enough about me. Let’s dish up some of the fun stuff called “filing week” shall we?

I managed to check out the unofficial candidate filings for Kitsap County because honestly, I’m too lazy to actually leave my house. Admittedly, I started yawning right after Nathan Schlicher and Jan Angel. That is a race with “epic” written all over it. Don’t be jealous, rest of Washington state. Continue reading →


*tapping mic*

*mic check one two, one two*

Hey you! While you were out there busy promoting the renaming crap bill our guy Nathan Schlicher was busy all talking about Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolls.

I can't be brought to comment any further. I can't.


Bittersweet Symphony

When I was a youngster, I looked forward to campaign season. Ellen Craswell would send these flat sponges that said “Let’s keep cleaning!” to my parents. I often wondered what exactly she wanted to clean and did she honestly think a cellulose compressed sponge could do the trick. *sigh*

Those were ages and ages ago that I used to toss those Ellen Craswell sponges into Yukon Harbor. I’d pray that they would reach Bainbridge Island and the residents there could somehow recycle or reuse them. Best part of this story? Continue reading →

Monday Morning Ramble

Here's the hannie top 10. Don't feed the hannie and your mileage may vary on this.

I tried some Dungeons and Dragons this past weekend. I'm not sure I'm cut out for this game, but it was fun to watch regardless.

Keep it comin…keep it comin y'all! Continue reading →

Do It To The Crowd

Can you feel the beat? Ugh, you know, I still can't be brought to comment.

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