Eggs and Issues

So last Tuesday morning I was up before the crack of dawn for Eggs and Issues at the Cloverleaf in East Bremerton. “What’s that?” you ask. It’s this forum hosted by the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce to give you an opportunity to hear from political candidates on their views. This last week was extra fun because it was the 26th Legislative District up on the agenda. We had Sumner Schoenike and Jan Angel. These are your candidates for state representative position one in the 26th legislative district. Continue reading →

welcome back moi!

I know, you’ve been wondering where I am. I took a sort of internet vacation for a couple days. It was super fun except for the part where I come home to find that I need to update my blog software. I’m not posting until this happens.

So after I go ahead and sing tons of Beatles Rock band and have tons of fun with it. I didn’t realize I knew so many Beatles songs after all. See, the thing is I sing as a great stress reliever. One time, this Sherry Appleton person told me that I had a great voice but I needed better microphone skills. No fear, I’m dying to go hang out with Toastmasters. I want to be an effective person when I stand up to speak, microphone or not. However, Sherry issued the challenge and I’m making that happen. She also happens to be one of the best legislators for our state I’ve ever met. I’d put her in the same high esteem as Carolyn Powers who was once a state legislator. Now Carolyn serves on the Port Orchard City Council. I’d just like to offer up my endorsement for Sherry Appleton though. Please vote for her if you can. Thanks lots.

I have an actual story I’m going to tell you about. Recently I attended Eggs and Issues which is hosted by Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce at the Cloverleaf Sports Bar and Grill. One of the employees who was there told another customer and me that the pizzas there have been the same for quite some time as she made them personally. I’m excited to sometime show up other than before the crack of dawn and see how delicious that pizza truly is. So yea, time to write instead of blowing away time playing video games. It’s coming soon.

Let the campaigns begin!

They already have, but here’s my point. Plenty of opportunity is coming up for you to learn more about candidates and ask questions. Check this out!

The Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce and the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce will be Co-Hosting the Kitsap County Commissioner, Position No. 3 Candidate Forum. The Candidate Forum will be held on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, at 7:45 a.m. at Port Orchard City Hall in the Council Chambers, 216 Prospect Street. City Hall doors will open at 7:30 a.m. and coffee/tea/water and muffins will be provided. We hope you will be able to join us to meet the candidates: Josh Brown (incumbent); Abby Burlingame; David Corley; and Wally Carlson. The Candidate Forum is open to the public ~ free of charge.

This is just one such example of a chance to hear in person from the people whose names you’re going to see on your ballot come November. I hope that this time around, I have plenty of opportunity to report to you on these forums. I hope that this time around, you have opportunity to see and hear the candidates yourself as well. Admittedly this is early and get this, you can’t eat or drink in the actual Port Orchard City Council chambers. It’s not the buffet table you’re coming for. You’re attending to hear from those who want to represent you.

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