The Hannie Tribute to Josh Brown


Just to be all fair-sy and stuff, I stole the screenshot from Bremerton Patriot, one of my favorite papers (search up a Kevan Moore story)

I wanted to tell y’all real quick how proud I am of Josh Brown, former Kitsap county commissioner who is moving on to be the executive director of Puget Sound Regional Council. The other night I saw him and it was so good to say “Hey Josh, I knew you when!” and we both laughed. For you see, I indeed do. The first campaign I helped out way back when was for him.

Anyways, moving forward now. Josh, congratulations to you and well, keep doing great things. Speaking of great things, I’ve always wanted to thank you for making some people have angry faces. Never mind that. Thank you for showing me that no matter how weird it gets, never give up.

A Distant Memory

Back in college, when I was doing the Olympic College Ranger shuffle, my offices were past the art gallery. I always thought I was the luckiest person on campus. I saw all the exhibits. I met all the artists.

One artist that stuck out in my mind was a student with a paper sculpting exhibit. Her work was delicately colored in varying muted shades. The textures she used made the exhibit even better.

But wait! All that paper she used for her sculptures she made herself. The paper she used for the most part was recycled. That fact alone made her exhibit one of the best I’ve ever seen.


This is from a recent letter I received from someone who barely knows me asking me to vote for someone I definitely don’t know. But look at the weave on this paper. It’s a nice mid weight cotton/linen blend. We all fancy schmancy up in here as democrats I guess.


Lookie at the watermark!! Heavens!! Are we taught about paper weight or quality or even watermarks in school anymore? Are these things that matter to your average democrat precinct committee officer residing in Kitsap County who is plain fed up with WHAT YOU THINK about the county commissioner appointment? Oh who cares! I’m just a girl who nerds out about weird things like paper. Carry on.

Knock Down Every Door

Dr Sumner Schoenike & Josh Brown

tell them love is the answer!

Who are these people? It’s Dr Sumner Schoenike and Josh Brown. Maybe you saw their names on the ballot and weren’t familiar with who they were. Maybe *gasp* you didn’t get a ballot because you’re not registered to vote. Right now here’s your chance to learn about two candidates I think are wonderful and register to vote as well. Well, if you haven’t registered to vote yet, of course. Before I go, thank you again to all those great Kitsap voters out there. I’m really wanting to break some records and impress this guy. I feel he needs some impressing this year. Let’s make that happen, mmkay?

Eggs and Issues

So last Tuesday morning I was up before the crack of dawn for Eggs and Issues at the Cloverleaf in East Bremerton. “What’s that?” you ask. It’s this forum hosted by the Bremerton Area Chamber of Commerce to give you an opportunity to hear from political candidates on their views. This last week was extra fun because it was the 26th Legislative District up on the agenda. We had Sumner Schoenike and Jan Angel. These are your candidates for state representative position one in the 26th legislative district. Continue reading →

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