weekend update

This last weekend’s been sorta busy, I guess. Saturday I attended the SK Class of 1985 reunion. That was pretty fun as I did see a couple people I used to swim with and then people who well, knew me because of my boyfriend. I know, imagine me going somewhere where people know me because of someone else, not on my own merit. Have no fear.

The next day, he asks what’s going on around Kitsap County. Well, there’s the Great Peninsula Future Festival. I’ve always wanted to go because the whole idea is cool to me, learning about being energy efficient and more conscious of the world around you. I’ve just never been able to attend. I wish I had more time to enjoy it, because I would have loved nothing more than to run rampant through the fair registering people to vote. I might just have to do that for this year’s Kitsap County fair. I love talking to voters because this is an important election year. Oh yea, what was I saying? Continue reading →

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