Dear Susan:

GUUUURRRLL! I checked out your hot new video here. Admittedly I had to watch a couple times through. The first time I swore I was going back in time to watching you on KIRO. The second time I was left asking myself “what did I watch here and what was Susan trying to ask me?” I don’t even know how to finish this letter. My apologies. –hannie

My brain hurts right now but since I have y’all’s attention here, please read this. Know that you can too make a difference and it’s in the very place you live and with the neighbors around you. See you next week up at the courthouse at the auditor’s office!

A Distant Memory

Back in college, when I was doing the Olympic College Ranger shuffle, my offices were past the art gallery. I always thought I was the luckiest person on campus. I saw all the exhibits. I met all the artists.

One artist that stuck out in my mind was a student with a paper sculpting exhibit. Her work was delicately colored in varying muted shades. The textures she used made the exhibit even better.

But wait! All that paper she used for her sculptures she made herself. The paper she used for the most part was recycled. That fact alone made her exhibit one of the best I’ve ever seen.


This is from a recent letter I received from someone who barely knows me asking me to vote for someone I definitely don’t know. But look at the weave on this paper. It’s a nice mid weight cotton/linen blend. We all fancy schmancy up in here as democrats I guess.


Lookie at the watermark!! Heavens!! Are we taught about paper weight or quality or even watermarks in school anymore? Are these things that matter to your average democrat precinct committee officer residing in Kitsap County who is plain fed up with WHAT YOU THINK about the county commissioner appointment? Oh who cares! I’m just a girl who nerds out about weird things like paper. Carry on.

Laziest Blogger You Know

Hi. Yes, I know, I seem to fail on this political blogger thing. Everyone has a blog anymore and why fore should you care what it is I might have to say? In fact, some of the vacation was nice, to be honest with you. Then I allowed it to slip that I am proficient in what I do and BLAM, I’m actually sort of busy. Enough about me. Let’s dish up some of the fun stuff called “filing week” shall we?

I managed to check out the unofficial candidate filings for Kitsap County because honestly, I’m too lazy to actually leave my house. Admittedly, I started yawning right after Nathan Schlicher and Jan Angel. That is a race with “epic” written all over it. Don’t be jealous, rest of Washington state. Continue reading →

weekend update

This last weekend’s been sorta busy, I guess. Saturday I attended the SK Class of 1985 reunion. That was pretty fun as I did see a couple people I used to swim with and then people who well, knew me because of my boyfriend. I know, imagine me going somewhere where people know me because of someone else, not on my own merit. Have no fear.

The next day, he asks what’s going on around Kitsap County. Well, there’s the Great Peninsula Future Festival. I’ve always wanted to go because the whole idea is cool to me, learning about being energy efficient and more conscious of the world around you. I’ve just never been able to attend. I wish I had more time to enjoy it, because I would have loved nothing more than to run rampant through the fair registering people to vote. I might just have to do that for this year’s Kitsap County fair. I love talking to voters because this is an important election year. Oh yea, what was I saying? Continue reading →

why I’m irate (and you should be too)–edit.

Yesterday, a rather disturbing letter arrived to me from Dwight Pelz, whom you’ll know as the head guy of the Washington State Democrats. It disturbed me on many accounts, but Dwight does not know my full story, or why I had to run for my position the way I did. However, after crying my eyes out, getting fully pissed off, personally calling the one person PERSONALLY responsible for me running as a “write-in” candidate and getting NO response whatsoever as to WHY this was done me, any IOTA of any apology from her, and discussing the matter with friends and family who have supported me since day one, I’ve decided that I’m going to become the most obnoxious democrat alive in the state of Washington.

That’s right, I’m going to fight back for what I rightfully did in the first place. I’m going to fight back for my voice which was wrongfully ripped from me, and this is going to be my project for most of today. Now some of you will say, “Gee hannie, why fight? These people tried to stop you before, they’re stopping you again, and you should just give it up.” But as one state senator told me long ago, even though you have your naysayers and your people who just don’t believe in what you’re doing and what you’re saying, you remember you’re fighting for your family, your children, and to protect your world around you. Truer words could never be spoken. It’s time for those who deny being involved to come clean and be accountable for their actions. It’s time to stand up, and it’s time to fight right back and get my voice back. And that time is now.

Edit: for update on this story.

Yes, you can say there’s “no use in crying over spilt milk”. But there sure is a strong case for going in and talking to people and getting the story and explanation and facts to go with. For the record, I don’t like *being* the news. I prefer to write the news and opinion, and I prefer to share it with all of you because that’s how I am. I was raised on journalism and being a democrat, and that’s how I wish to stay. But no, this morning, I *am* the news.

Here’s where my story begins. For a long while, there has been NO ONE serving for PCO in my precinct(Yukon 241-democrat seat-and PCO means precinct committee officer). I had been tossing it back and forth whether or not I should throw my hat in the ring, I mean, I was in pretty poor health, pending surgery that would either save me or kill me, and I didn’t want to be elected and then have to give up the seat or not be able to fulfill my role as such. Either way, those were things that really concerned me about running for said seat. I wanted to be a voice for the people I represent, and be able to speak to the issues for this specific area that concern us, and get the word out there that hey, these ARE valid concerns and need to be talked to. I wanted to let my voting district know and understand that we need to be voting, we need to be one strong united voice in opposition to those who would take away our rural part of life, and that we need to vote for those who will truly represent us and believe in our same ideals. These were, and still are, highly important to me. You think I sit around blabbing about “getting out and registering to vote” or letting you know that Puget Sound needs a massive cleanup effort, or that the answer to traffic through our area is to dessimate Harper as we know it and allow the Jan Angel raceway to be constructed because I have nothing better to do with my life? Not a chance. I write, I tell you these things because we need to protect and safeguard our area for us, for our children, for future residents, for our grandchildren and for a cleaner and healthier Kitsap County. We need to clean this place up, and clean it up fast before we lose the legacy we’re giving to those who follow us. Hand them a pile of crap, or hand them a pocketful of gold? I’d take the latter in a heartbeat, thank you very much.

Let’s go back to that letter from yesterday from Dwight Pelz, one more time. Although I was elected PCO by my own county standards, however, I did not meet the “threshold” of 10% as mandated in a RCW done up by Sam Reed. To give you real numbers here, for my precinct, I received 4 votes. To meet that 10%, I would have had to get 15 votes. Again, thank you very much to the four of you who voted for me, but because of a combination of Sam Reed ruling and US Supreme Court ruling, technically I didn’t win. Don’t think that this applies to Democrats only. It applies to Republicans as well, and, during one conversation I had this morning, person in question said to me, “Johanna, the Republican party is just as irate and upset about this as we are, and it’s perhaps the only thing we have in common right now.” Wow, to think that Washington democrats and republicans would have *anything* in common is a bit mind-boggling, but it is what it is.

Like I’ve stated to any and all of you who know my full story on this, I was at the 26th district caucus held in February. I heard an empassioned speech by Mark Brown asking people to apply for and run for PCO, that we needed more committed individuals filling these spots and having a voice. Oh yes, he convinced me indeed, so I chased down his wife, Renee Proctor-Brown, who is current treasurer of the 26th LD, and I asked her for an application. I filled out the application, signed it, and returned it to her, pretty much assuring that she would do her part and turn my application over to the Kitsap County Auditor and my name would be on the upcoming primary ballot. However it got “lost” somehow and never was received by the auditor. My name was *not* on the ballot, and oh, what to do here, what to do?

A dear friend of mine told me to not give up and not despair on this, that I could go to the Auditor’s office and file as a write in candidate, which is exactly what I did. I received a letter from the Kitsap County auditor’s office stating that I had indeed won election, and I thought that everything was fine and safe and no worries. However, this was not the case, as again, got that letter from Dwight Pelz stating that no, I wasn’t a PCO and I needed to be appointed as such.

Better yet, Dwight says, “Oh yes, gee, go to December meeting and hang out but um, you don’t have a voice.” (No, letter did not use those exact words, but basically, that’s what he was implying.) Wait a second. I have a rather unique situation here, and I had filed my paperwork well in time to be on that ballot thank you very much, and I wasn’t, and now you’re telling me that no, I don’t have a seat, I don’t have a voice and I don’t have a vote? But you want me to just sit there and listen and be nonchalant person about this? Oh I think not.

However do we rectify this situation? Well, we started out bright and early at the auditor’s office, asking to see the count in my precinct. (That’s where I got that 4 out of 15 needed figure, and thanks again to all my friends at the auditor’s office who researched this for me. They’re great people, and I’m putting them all on my holiday baking list.) So yes, ol Dwight was correct in not hitting the threshold of ten percent. Drat! I learned much more about electoral process, and some helpful hints in my next big political run for office. MMM, yes. Knowledgeable, I am.

Next stop, well gee, you know, frfg (former really fat girl) needs to eat some breakfast before just dropping in to see more people to plead her case. So I decided to stop by Delilah’s Cozy Kitchin, downtown Port Orchard, to find out how tasty the food was and to figure out what that bubble tea was all about. Food was super tasty. No, no Delilah herself sighting, but that’s okay because I can just email her personally and tell her what a spectacular good time I had. The staff there were absolutely friendly, the food was superb, the tasty treats in the display case, albeit calling my name were denied because they screamed “high sugar content” and yes, I would eat there again any day. I’d also like to mention that Delilah has a great menu for lunch as well, and some really good specials that change daily, so yes, hannie stamp of approval and absolutely show up and partake. By the way, for all you techno-geeks like me, know that Delilah offers free wi-fi, so bring along your laptop as well.

Back to story. Okay, so I don’t have votes, I still have one letter that says I am PCO, and another that says I am not. Who can we really blame here? First, we can call it oversight and misplacement of said original application by Mrs Brown. But I digress, because you know, I was a “write-in” candidate. I handed her my application the day of the 26th LD caucus. So who knows what could have happened to it from there, but it obviously did not get to where it was supposed to end up, which would be the Kitsap County Auditor’s office.

But wait, Dwight was blabbing away about RCW this and RCW that in his letter. Yes, he was. (RCW for those of you who are like “HUH?” is revised code of Washington, basically meaning, Washington state law) And you just gotta *love* that we’re talking about Dwight on a first name basis at this point, because right after this, he’s going to get *my* response to his letter. Maybe we’ll be best friends, maybe not, but you know, not letting this one slide.

Background on all this junk is as follows, according to Dwight and his letter to moi. Wait, he was nice enough to apologize for confusion in all this crud and that he failed to inform Democrats in a timely fashion before the Primary that the state party is not in agreement with rules written and adopted this summer by, you guessed it, Secretary of State Sam Reed. The US Supreme Court declined to rule that awesome cool new “top two primary” unconstitutional, so apparently Sam Reed decided to implement new rules for elections (and this happens often, I hear) and changed requirements for electing PCO’s. So past rule was that 10% percent math jobbie I was just talking about a few paragraphs ago, which was in accordance with RCW 29A.80.051 (so you don’t have to look this one up…here you go)

Precinct committee officer — Election — Term.

The statutory requirements for filing as a candidate at the primaries apply to candidates for precinct committee officer. The office must be voted upon at the primaries, and the names of all candidates must appear under the proper party and office designations on the ballot for the primary for each even-numbered year, and the one receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. However, to be declared elected, a candidate must receive at least ten percent of the number of votes cast for the candidate of the candidate’s party receiving the greatest number of votes in the precinct. The term of office of precinct committee officer is two years, commencing the first day of December following the primary.

So according to this great letter, Sam Reed decided to waive this rule, and ignore this here RCW, and his rules apparently state that you could just write in anybody and they could be PCO. Right down to, get this one, writing in names of strong Republicans to fill a Democrat seat. (And yes, this happened, indeed it did, even here in Kitsap County. He wasn’t nuts on this one, it really happened.) Both Charter and Rules of Washington state democrats say either that 10%, or be appointed by the authority of the county party. But somehow Sam Reed wants to get into the mix and be rewriting charter and rules of not only Washington state Democrats, but Republicans too. (You see where even though we’re different, we’re the same here? As I got my letter from the democrat party rest assured that there were many Washington state republicans who received same sort of letter, from whomever their state chair is, and hey, this is by all means a DEMOCRAT blog, so I’m not looking that one up. You figure out who it is.)

What’s all this come down to? It comes down to me, asking, begging, pleading, offering to holiday bake for anyone who is an elected PCO in the 26th district LD to please nominate me during December’s meeting. Now in case you’re like, “hannie, you’ve just jumped off your rocker and you’re absolutely nuts!” no, no I am not. I would like to offer you, for some fine reading, my original platform to enjoy. Know that I am not doing this as a publicity stunt, not in the least. As a child and now adult of the same area in which I grew up in, I know that there’s much at stake in my precinct. I wish to get out, get involved, and get my community and neighbors involved. Yes, I have some strong opposition here, but even some of my strongest opposition loves me dearly, and has known me since I was a child roaming the beaches, sailing through Yukon Harbor and rowing and fishing and swimming. How many people can make that same claim? Not many, not many at all. So I’m again, all of you who are ELECTED PCO people of the 26th LD, to please nominate me, and please nominate me right in the middle of December’s meeting.

And then, pretty please, if you could, nominate me some more during the monthly Kitsap Democrat Party meeting as well. Oh sure, we have our disagreements here and there on who we’d like to endorse for our party, but we ALL endorsed democrats, did we not? Yes, we did. And I’m asking for your support, your endorsement, and your nomination to give me back my voice and my vote, not just for me, but for childhood friends, neighbors, and all those here in Yukon 241 (my precinct) who need to know that there *is* a democrat voice out there fighting for them. Many of the people who reside here are longtime residents. They’ve gone through some rough times, and I’d like to add that they’ve done this at the hands of Jan Angel. And ever since I hit the ground back in Washington state three years ago, I’ve fought for them even without the PCO part. But now, I ask you, I implore you, to allow me the privilege of standing up and representing all of these people. Yes, I’ll pretty much officially step off the soapbox now, but thank you for your time, and please consider nominating me for PCO, Yukon 241, 26th LD.

(and for those of you who are “super smarticle” as my child would say, you BET I tagged the beans out of this post. I tagged it as such because I just got done telling you at the top I was going to be the most obnoxious democrat alive. Oh, speaking of child, tomorrow we’re going to be standing loud and proud for our Stonewall brothers and sisters in Tacoma. You want to be involved with this too? Go here for more information. And remember, equal rights for ALL. Not just the select few, ALL.)

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