Thought of the Day

Since I’m going for a new world record in my blogging history…let’s share a “thought of the day”. Here we go, straight from my friend Becky who lives in Virginia.

“I love you loads, hanniespice, but you know we’ll NEVER agree on politics”

Happy weekend to everyone! If you’re in Mason County, be sure to check out the Taste of Hood Canal. If you’re in Port Orchard, be sure to check out the Cruz car show. If you’re in Snohomish County, I always recommend a Dick’s Deluxe from Dick’s Drive In in Edmonds. Yep.

Shout Out To My Lost Boys

I had really wanted to publish much sooner, but then my birthday came up and I felt the need to celebrate. For a few days. Just ask my child, as we're still celebrating her birthday as well.

Earlier on, I had the opportunity to attend a candidates forum in Mason County. I was really excited to see some of my cool friends from the 35th legislative district. It was interesting to hear about the concerns and challenges that Mason County residents have as well.

I learned some really interesting things this night. There’s no real blur between “constitution” to “founding fathers”. The other guy only wanted to talk about the “debt crisis”. I think the best thing was one of the candidates stating that he loved Ronald Reagan, the “democratic republican” president. He’s 24 years old. Neato. Then there was a guy who just basically said “hi, vote for me” and had nothing else to really say.

Why am I telling you the better parts of this here forum? These are things happening in your community right here and right now with the ballots dropping in just weeks. It's your opportunity to get out and hear from candidates that are gonna be on your ballot and become an informed and educated voter.

Hope y’all had a great 1st of July (my birthday) and 4th of July as well.

afterthought: You know, I may not be exactly fond of Tim Sheldon at any given time, but OMI-gosh I forgot just how funny he truly is. Thank you sir for the great jokes and laughter.

This Week In Hannie

I started out my week by filing for Precinct Committee Officer here in Snohomish County. I achieved this by filing online while watching the Springer show. This week is filing week in Washington state and all of us potential elected people are submitting our paperwork.

I discovered much more about Dow Constantine than I really cared to. I adore Dow and hope things work out for him. On the other hand, thank heavens it’s not like this guy here. Thank heavens indeed.

I have to share this awe inspiring story written by Steven Gardner. In short, stay classy Kitsap GOP.

Last but not least, such good news out of Mason County in that Randy Neatherlin is running for office. Stay tuned on that story, because I simply MUST have an interview with him and share his story with you. He’s truly an incredible friend in my world and I wish him the best of luck.

That’s my week so far. How’s yours going?


Wednesday Metrics Moment

Before I go into my metrics blurb, I have so much I want to tell you about. My Aunt Eleanor is currently in ICU so some of my stories have had to take a seat on the back burner. It’s been a long and emotionally draining week and I just wish my Auntie to be at peace and not be in pain.

So I thought I’d take a moment to talk metrics or really, what brings you to visit me here. Coming in first and first place were two people from the 35th Legislative district, Lynda Ring-Erickson and Randy Neatherlin. I know, considering I used to write about the 26th Legislative district and I reside in the 38th now, this is an interesting statistic.

I don’t really know Lynda, I’ve met her once. As for Randy, I’ve known him for a few years now and he’s one of those cooler people I consider a dear friend in my world. Go figure on that.

Second place went to my story about the Anacortes proposed water plant. I really enjoyed doing the research and writing that story and glad you liked it as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on that.

That’s about it this week. This weekend should prove really interesting as I’m camping. And it’s caucus weekend with the legislative district and then county convention. I’m going to try to balance that plus the Auntie Eleanor situation. Piece of cake! Not really but it sure sounded good. Happy Wednesday to everyone!

Sunday metrics

The only thing that I have to really report is that you’re either looking for me or you’re looking for Randy Neatherlin. Not too long I received an email from Randy that brought tears to my eyes.

After reading through what he had to share with me (and believe me, I was truly touched and honored that he did) I thought this.

Randy, truly you are a survivor and I’m so happy to have you as a friend.

signed, your favorite democrat, Hannie

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